Engineering competence and high precision spare parts for diesel engines

Based in Hamburg. Powering business around the globe.

Gold Engineering offers a unique combination of incisive consulting, spare parts supply, and leading-edge technology:


Incisive consulting

Our clients benefit from recognized operational understanding and in-depth knowledge of low- and medium-speed diesel engines. A small change in critical equipment can add up to a big difference: in total performance, in total downtime, and in total revenue.


Spare parts supply

We supply high-precision spare parts for main and auxiliary engines: genuine, OEM, or reconditioned. But we go one step beyond supply chain management. Our clients seek close ties to the leading German companies in the marine sector. We connect you.


Advanced bearing technology

Consumable items with substantial impact. Enabling high-efficiency power transmission. Balancing ever higher loadings with improved wear performance. Critical to lubrication, cooling, crankshaft, and connecting rod.

Marine Side 1

Marine Side 2

OEM spare parts

OEM spare parts are available for most of the leading European brands.