Directing your engine’s power

Plain bearing shells. Consumable items with substantial impact. Advancing high-efficiency power transmission.

Bearings are vital components when it comes to performance in combustion diesel and gas engines. Due to increased engine performance requirements, bearings have to sustain ever higher dynamic and static loads and still last longer.


Customers benefit from a broad range of competencies: stock volume, technological know-how, and engineering services expertise such as:

  • Latest specification thin-wall bearings for 2-stroke engines.
  • Main, connecting rod and thrust bearings for 4-stroke engines.
  • Master bearings and blanks for rapid manufacturing.

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Troubleshooting guide
Careful selection and handling of bearings
are essential to avoid problems with
lubrication, alignment, and temperature.


Product lines

Aluminum-, copper-, and babbitt-based main bearings, big-end bearings, crosshead bearings, locating bearings/washers, and bushings.